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Re: Birds?Dinos?

T. Mike Keesey wrote:
>Ask Gauthier -- he was the first to cladistically define Dinosauria. Some
>have suggested that _Megalosaurus_ and _Iguanodon_ would be more proper 
>anchors (although the clade would be exactly the same by standard
>phylogenies), but Gauthier's definition has priority.
        Gauthier 1986: Saurischia is all taxa more closely related to modern
birds than to _Triceratops_.
        Padian and May 1993: Ornithiscia is all taxa more closely related to
_Triceratops_ than to modern birds.
        Novas 1997: Dinosauria is the most recent common ancestor of
Saurischia and Ornithischia and all of its descendants.

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