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In Defense of Chas.R.Knight.

  Ed Summers has made available to us here on the list a lengthy blurb about a
new Imax film called,_T.rex:Back to the Cretaceous_. Larry Dunn has made some
perceptive comments on this film which you have probably read. Having observed
several frames from this film at Ed's website, I am absolutely enfuriated by
the audacity of the film-maker's engendering the name of Charles Knight as a
character in their film.
  Knight looked for beauty in line and form and would accept nothing less in
his pursuit of the images of his prehistoric models. The cheesy, goggled-eyed
monsters, stooped and inaccurate as shown in these frames would have greatly
offended Knight.
  The huge problem with computer generated images is that you can actually
make a piece of crap come to life. But don't you dare put a real artist's
signature on it! Dan Varner.