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Re: Feathers on Bloody Everything

        GROAN.  Now every bloody artist who hasn't done it before it
going to put feathers on every critter out there.  Thanks, George.  I am
as excited about all of this feather stuff as the next guy, particularly
where I have been sitting rather firmly on the fence as far as avian
origins are concerned for a long while.

        Now everyone is going to toat parsimony in defense of putting
feathers on EVERYTHING.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record,
parsimony is an untested assumption, and systems violate it constantly.
We need to be careful in painting it across the canvas in a single swatch
of color.  Just because we have feathers in one clade, doesn't
necessarilly mean that we are going to find them in all of them. <<<<<

Say.... has anyone else noted that there's some morphological similarity
between the insulatory structures of Sinosauropteryx and pterosaurs?  I
wouldn't rule the possiblity that dermal insulation is primitive for
advanced archosaurs (err, rule _out_, that is).  Downy pseudosuchians,

Scott Hartman

P.S. I believe it was the dino lists' own GSP who first suggested that
insulation could be primitive to advanced archosaurs.