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Re: 2,000 of our dino-birds are missing (partial joke)

Larry Dunn wrote:
> A weird story from AP.  I wonder if dinosaurs got "lost" in huge
> numbers like this.
>                        *  *  *
> Homing Pigeons Gone Missing
> Filed at 11:46 a.m. EDT
> By The Associated Press
> ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) -- Some 2,400 homing pigeons disappeared during
> two long-distance races on the same day, a nearly unheard-of loss in
> the little-known sport of pigeon racing.

Oh-Oh, do I detect a magnetic reversal on its way?  :)

Seriously though, it has been suggested that (among other things) a
palaeomagnetic reversal may have contributed to the Late K extinctions.
Is there any evidence of such a reversal occuring at or around the
K/T boundary? Could all of those migrating dinosaurs (way big assumption
made) have become lost and perished? I have an image of a herd of
hadrosaurs heading towards the Arctic circle, the males hopelessly
lost and blaming the females for their lack of navigating skills, the
juveniles trumpeting "are we there yet" incessantly.

"Okay, one more word out of you kids and, I swear, we'll just stop here
and become extinct!"

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

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