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Re: 2,000 of our dino-birds are missing

At 01:47 PM 10/7/98 -0700, Larry Dunn quoted:

>ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) -- Some 2,400 homing pigeons disappeared during
>two long-distance races on the same day, a nearly unheard-of loss in
>the little-known sport of pigeon racing. 
>About 1,800 pigeons vanished out of 2,000 competing in a 200-mile race
>from northern Virginia to Allentown on Monday. And 600 out of 800
>birds were still missing today from a separate 150-mile race from
>western Pennsylvania to Philadelphia. 


>Racing veterans have few ideas about what caused the birds to lose
>their way -- or otherwise disappear. There were no weather problems
>during either race, sun spot activity was low and no comets, meteor
>showers or planet alignments occurred. The skies were clear of
>satellite interference. 

Okay, that's it.  The next magnetic reversal has begun.  Prepare to start
reading the white end of the compass needle for "North" (he said, mostly
jokingly, but you never know...).

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