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T-rex: IMAX photos - some technical information.

A point of information might be helpful with regard to the images
available on the "work-in-progress" IMAX film articles....

The originals which were supplied to us are really quite splendid,
though the poses are a bit "non-committal" since it is before the
release of the film and distributors are often reluctant to let out the
"good" stills too soon. I , in fact, checked today with the publicists
and they gave us virtually ALL of the dino stills which are currently
available. They've promised to let us have more when they're available.

Now... without for a minute wanting to comment on the "veracity" of the
images or poses  -- we scanned them from slides at 100 dpi which is a
low end resolution (400 dpi is pretty high for web images) and initially
got them as .tif files which were between 450,000 and 650,000K. For
those of you familiar with web graphics, you'll immediately know that
this is far too large to put up on a web site accessed by folks without
a T1 line.

The full size .tif's look an awful lot better than what is online. If
anyone is just dying to see what they look like at a higher rez... you
can e-mail us off list. If we don't get too many requests, I'll send out
the images... but be WARNED they are 600,000K.

Last but not least, Phillip Currie is a credited advisor for the film.
We'll be publishing an interview with him about the production in the
next week or so. He is also answering dino questions for International
Dinosaur Month, so if anyone has any "polite" questions for him, you can
leave them at the DIG message board accessible from the frontpage of


Hope that clarifies the situation with the images and poses.