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Re: T-rex: IMAX photos - some technical information.

to give you an idea of scale....
Your monitor is probably set right now between 640x480 and 1024x720

JP had a screen resolution of 6,000 some odd pixels by 6,000 some odd
pixels for their CG to render to film resolution and not show
That was an ordinary movie theater screen (coulda been 8,000x8,000-that
was a long time ago and my brain is numb right now)

IMAX is a 'tad' larger and it really makes my tummy hurt to figure what
the screen resolution per pixel would have to be rendered at.
3D IMAX is worse because there is more than one camera so it's tougher
to hide booboos out of camera shot.

The resolution for each 'texture' to be applied to each character in the
movie and NOT show 'texels'* makes my tummy hurts even more.  Us poor
game artists have only in the last year or so been able to work as large
as 256x256 pixel textures on gameplay characters......

-Betty Cunningham

*(artifacts of the pixels of the original texture blown up to a size you
can see individually at camera render)

Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette wrote:
> Now... without for a minute wanting to comment on the "veracity" of the
> images or poses  -- we scanned them from slides at 100 dpi which is a
> low end resolution (400 dpi is pretty high for web images) and initially
> got them as .tif files which were between 450,000 and 650,000K. For
> those of you familiar with web graphics, you'll immediately know that
> this is far too large to put up on a web site accessed by folks without
> a T1 line.