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more (specific) dino collective nouns

Of course, most of the modern collective nouns describe particular species,
not just whole genera.  To keep things closer to the modern use, here are
some specific collective nouns:

A roughness of _Triceratops horridus_.
A dynasty of _Tyrannosaurus rex_.
A khanate of _Tyrannosaurus bataar_.
A horde of _Velociraptor (or _Psittacosaurus_ or _Oviraptor_ or
_Saurornithoides_ or etc.) mongoliensis_.
A tomb of _Albertosaurus sarcophagus_.
An excellence of _Apatosaurus excelsus_.
A length of _Diplodocus longus_.
An arsenal of _Stegosaurus armatus_.
A bolt of _Nodosaurus textilis_.
A swelling of _Gallimimus bullatus_.
A mall of _Ornithomimus edmontonicus_ (particularly the _O. e. occidentalis_
subspecies... ;-)

And, for another generic one,
A mimsy of _Borogovia_.

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