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Re: more bird collectives

Believe it or not Dave, you actually missed one:  A "parliament of 

And I'm tempted to coin: "A Congress of boobies".



> a sedge of cranes
> a dule of doves
> a convocation of eagles
> a cast of falcons
> a charm of finches
> a flurry of flamingos
> a colony of gulls
> a party of jays
> an exaltation of larks
> a stare of owls
> a murder of crows
> a brace of ducks
> a tiding of magpies
> a watch of nightingales
> a company of parrots
> a muster of peacocks
> an ostentation of peacocks
> an unkindness of ravens
> a host of sparrows
> a rafter of turkeys
> a fall of woodcocks
> a descent of woodpeckers
> Best regards,
> Dave