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Re: more (specific) dino collective nouns


Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

Of course, most of the modern collective nouns describe particular species,
not just whole genera.  To keep things closer to the modern use, here are
some specific collective nouns:

A roughness of _Triceratops horridus_.
A dynasty of _Tyrannosaurus rex_.
A khanate of _Tyrannosaurus bataar_.
A horde of _Velociraptor (or _Psittacosaurus_ or _Oviraptor_ or
_Saurornithoides_ or etc.) mongoliensis_.
A tomb of _Albertosaurus sarcophagus_.
An excellence of _Apatosaurus excelsus_.
A length of _Diplodocus longus_.
An arsenal of _Stegosaurus armatus_.
A bolt of _Nodosaurus textilis_.
A swelling of _Gallimimus bullatus_.
A mall of _Ornithomimus edmontonicus_ (particularly the _O. e. occidentalis_
subspecies... ;-)

And, for another generic one,
A mimsy of _Borogovia_.

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  Some great ones there, Thomas. But is it a "mall" or a "maul"? I thought it was the latter. And has anyone had fun trying to think up "common" names for some species? By "common", I mean the household name the nonavian dinosaurs might have had if they were still around? After all, we have "dog" for _Canis familiaris_, and "Lion" for _Panthera leo_.
-Chris Srnka