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Re: [RE: DOWNY STEGOSAURS (WAS: Re: Feathers on Bloody Everything)]


> Yep; burrowing (Komodo dragons do this) & submersion in good ole 2H2O

> (crocadiles & alligators).


> Dwight

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> > Cold-blooded animals to lose heat either:

> > move to where it's cooler - or - open their mouths to cool the blood

> > circulating in the mouth


Many also bask communally to retain heat or
as is the case with _Crotophytus collarus_ and
_Chlamydosaurus kingii_ they run on their hind legs
to create an artificial breeze.

Let's not forget color and body change as well.

Yep ectotherms have many different ways of keeping cool
and vice versa.

Archosaur J


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