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Re: Feathers on Bloody Everything)]

On 9 Oct 98 23:08:05 EDT archosaur  writes:
>As for growth rates, it has been proven that all an ectotherm needs is a
sufficient >supply of food in order to equal an endotherm.

I take SERIOUS objection to this idea.  It is flat out wrong.

Growth rates in modern lizards, snakes, etc depend on a LOT more than
mere food intake.
Ambient temperatures, amount of stress-free living, presence or absence
of external parasites, ditto for internal parasites, nutritional value of
food intake  (not mere bulk), diseases other than parasites, presence of
competing conspecifics (this is closely related to food intake and
stress-free iving, however)  ALL effect growth rates.
[Yes, you can get a neonate burmese python to grow to 11 feet in a year's
time.  You will also likely kill the animal in a year and a half, due to
the constant stress on the animal's liver, kidneys and general living
environment.  If you are trying to do this to a pet, please desist.]
Now, more on topic:  dinosaurs in the wild probably did not have access
to the perfect environment, as hinted at above.  MAYBE they had plenty of
access to food.  I reiterate that this is NOT all that effects an
ectotherm's growth rate.  Since the conditions were likely less than
ideal  (presence of diseases, predators, competition, etc), growth rates
aproaching that of endothermic animals needs to be explained by other
than mere  "access to food".  Not that I am implying that dinosaurs were
thereby automatically endothermic; but this idea as indication of
ectothermy needs far better explanation than this.


There is no truth to the numerous rumors about dangerous gun-toting
lizards.  Nor were these rumors started by me.

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