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Qilong Update #4

Okay, everybody out there in DinoLand:

  I've added the references to the pages here, though on the Pics
pages, which have been expanded to include a few more images,
including some of my ornithschian stuff, which Pete might like, these
are not present. The "References" page at:


includes all the refs used in alphbetical order, including many of the
Barsbold Russian material, which I am frankly wading through in hip
deep and not going far. I hear the late, great Sam Welles had English
translations of these, so anybody have a way for me to get a few?

  The "Credits" page has been expanded to show many of the assistence,
advice, and major help from this list, including Pete Buchholz, Rachel
Clark, Jack Conrad, T. Mike Keesey, and Matt Troutman, all of whom
have been nothing short of marvelous in their help, and of course
Ralph Miller III, without whose aid the procurement of some of my
material (none of which was minor in any way!) would not be possible.



  I am not forgetting all you pros and experts out there, like
Dinogeorge, Tom Holtz, and Greg Paul, so don't think I don't care for
your excellent input and advice, as well as the general information
you have all contributed to my work!

  I can't wait till that *Coelurus* and *Microvenator* and new
segnosaur stuff comes out; those'd be the cherry for my year (or the

  There will be an addendum to this update, so stay tuned.

Jaime A. Headden

Qilong, the website, at:
All comments and criticisms are welcome!

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