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Dinosaur Artist Information needed for Celluloid Dinosaurs

You may want to reply OFFLIST unless someone thinks this is of undying



Still under construction (this is beginning to feel like the Gaudi
Cathedral in Barcelona) the ever improving (?) feature....

Celluloid Dinosaurs A History of Dinosaur Movies...

is in need of some erudite information on what y'all think of as being
the MOST IMPORTANT events in the history of graphic dinosaur art.

For example...

1855 Benjamin Hawkins does first sculptures and art of dinosaur life...

1897 Charles Knight paints Laelaps in "fighting cock" pose.

You know. Like that.

This is NOT a list of every painting ever done, but rather, the REAL
IMPORTANT ones, since the point is to show the relationship between
discovery, paintings, and movies.

This is NOT FINISHED, so please be KIND. (hmmm that IS an oxymoron).


Thanks in advance.