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North American Segnosaurs?

Hello All,

Some of you may have noticed my absence from this forum. Despite the
various reception to this situation I am now settled in Lemmon, SD and have
reestablished internet service, so here I am again.

Kelly, my wife, and I used a Ryder truck and towed our T-bird from Arkansas
by way of KC last Sunday evening when all the thunderstorms were erupting,
no fun at all.

Now down to the business at hand. I've read that Dr. Currie thinks he has
evidence of Segnosaur remains from Montana, if I haven't misremembered. Can
anyone give me more details? Can anyone put me in contact with Dr. Currie?

The reason I have interest in this area is that we have a specimen,  an
isolated skeletal element, in our collection that we have are trying  to
ID. There is a chance this element could be Segnosaurid, but I cannot say
more at this time, or at least in a public forum.

I appreciate the help, and am as happy as punch to be in South Dakota with
a paying job in paleontoloy. Those of you that have followed my exploits
know it has been a long rough road.

Roger A. Stephenson
Assistant Director
The Grand River Museum
503 3rd Ave East
Lemmon, South Dakota