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Re: "fire breathing" dinos

(Warning - I know creationism is a no-go for this list, but to answer the
question posed I have to bring it up.  Many apologies.)

While in California a few weeks ago, I actually visited the Institute for
Creation Research near San Diego.  EVERY paleontologist should go there -
it's EXTREMELY amusing. They have some (ahem) interesting exhibits.

I bring this up because I purchased a copy of Gish's book for kids on
dinosaurs. I'd seen an earlier edition before, and in both, Gish does
indeed make the claim that Parasaurolophus was a fire-breather.  He
believes the crest to have been modelled after a bombardier beetle, with
each half filled with a different chemical - when snorted out, they would
mix and form a sort of biological napalm.  There's even a really cute
picture of one of these things toasting a tyrannosaur.

That this is intellectually bankrupt needs no further exposition.