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Re: Reporting back again!

At 07:59 PM 10/11/98 +0000, Luis Rey wrote:

>Ruben continued to capture us with his great sense of humour trying this
>time to demonstrate that Caudipteryx is not a dinosaur, based on just >one<
>tiny supposed 'mistake' on Phil Currie's skull reconstruction (the rest of
>the skeletal characteristics did not seem to be important to him...he spent
>almost half the talk attacking Currie) and later tried to sell us a
>'flying' Megalancosaurus as a 'possible' bird ancestor. Sorry... didn't buy

To be fair to Ruben, he *explicitly* stated that he did not consider
_Megalancosaurus_ a bird ancestor of any sort.  However, he did say that we
shouldn't dismiss information from it (specifically, his interpretation of
it as a glider) as a model for some hypothetical stage in avian origins
(following the Bock scenario-driven hypothesis of bird flight origins).

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