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Reference on dinosaur funding?

I need a published reference on the amount of money spent - either in the US
or worldwide - supporting research in dinosaur paleontology.  The figure
that I have heard from several people is about $1 million per year for
dinosaur paleontology, but I would like some back up and a published
reference for it.  

Ideally for my purpose this would be the total amount of grant money for
research projects (field expeditions etc.), not including the salary of
senior researchers.   Ostensibly people like university professors or museum
curators have a "real job" - teaching or managing exhibits - which covers
their salary.   Whether you agree with this or not, research funding for
other areas of science  - such as physics - are tallied without investigator

Ideally, my definition of research for this purpose would not include things
like museum displays built for the public, or the cost of running museums
per se.  

Also, ideally I would like this information for the past - or some estimate
of the total spending on dinosaur paleontology from 1841 to date.

I keep saing "ideally" because I suspect that there won't be a lot of choose
from and I will have to take whatever I can get.