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Re: Armed Lizards

On Sat, 10 Oct 1998 Philidor11@aol.com wrote:

> I noticed you are concerned about 'dangerous gun-toting lizards'.  Please let
> me reassure you that as new 'honorary mammals' (Mr. Hartman's term; thank you)
> they may be taking the hard body stuff too seriously but parvenu anythings may
> be expected to overdo it.  As far as I know, their shooting standards are
> Olympian.  I'd certainly trust them as far as some of the established
> mammalian species.

Yes, but only during the okowericz experiment.  In order to derease their
danger when armed, simply decease from giving them lots of food and heat
(that is, return them to the wild).  Then they happily resume their more
peaceful, natural response to guns (whatever the !@#$ that is).

Scott Hartman