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Qilong Update #4 (Addendum)

Yo, y'all.

  This is to tell you that I've finally got the *Caudipteryx* page up
and running, so if anyone wants to see it, pop on over to the
following html:


  Just follow the link there, and tell me what you think.

  Meanwhile, I failed to give someone recognition for his great
assistance to me, Tracy Ford, who has supplied me with some out of the
orndinary papers, such as _Trudy_, that I could not get my hands on
otherwise. Also, though she's not on the list, I'd like to thank me
excellent friend Heather Moon for modelling for me for the Group Shot
on the Caudi Page.

  The two Ji's, Norell, and Currie also hold my undying gratitude.

  Now, anybody I failed to mention or give credit to, flame me.

Jaime A. Headden

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