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Help, help

Ronald -- or anyone on the list who can provide additional information,

While at the SVP meeting, I saw a poster that featured an extinct shore bird
from North or South Carolina,  with a large wingspan (est. 20 feet +/-).  It
has a snoutfull of respectible teeth, and dates from about 28 -30 Myears ago.
A private museum ( in Minnesota, I think) has four skeletal replicas.  I can't
think of the name of the Poster topic or the bird, and I've lost the museum
name and address and the e-mail address of the guy I was talking to.  I think
his e-mail moniker may have been 'lineboss', but don't remember the domain.
Can anyone help me fill in any of the missing data so I can contact these guys
again?  Feel free to berate me for exceeding dumbness while bringing me up to

Jim Cunningham