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RE: Giant mammal hair (was Re: DOWNY STEGOSAURS)

AND, let us not forget that OUR nearest relatives are all much hairier than
we & one (the Gorilla) can be considerably larger.

You know, hairiness or furriness is also good insulation against heat.  With
many mammals there is an undercoat & moisture dissipation actually helps
cool the animal off.  


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        Let's also remember that recently extinct members of at least two
        mammal lineages, elephantids and rhinoceratids, were pretty darn
        _Mammuthus_ and _Coelodonta_, respectively.  And, lest we think that
        multi-tonne mammals are strictly mammoth-steppe inhabitants, there
are also
        the tropical giant ground sloths to consider.

        Out knowledge of the distribution of hairiness vs. hairlessness in
        large-bodied mammals is sorely hindered by the fact we are looking
at a VERY
        recently depauperate fauna.

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