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Casey Tucker writes:
<<      About a year, or two, ago Mary Schwietzer announced that she had 
 biomolecules out of a T.rex bone.  However, in the several years since I
 have not heard anymore concerning the biomolecules that her research group
 found, and subsequent research on attempts to get biomolecules out of other
 types of dinosaur fossils.
 Have there been other publications, or announcements, concerning this topic
 that I may have missed, or do they just not exist? >>

With the T. rex stuff, all I can find is:

-Schweitzer, M H, and Cano, R J.  1996.  Will the dinosaurs rise again?  Pp
309-326 in: Rosenberg, G D and Wolberg (eds) Dino Fest (1994).

-Schweitzer, M H, Marshal, M, Barnard, D, Bohle, S, Carron, K, Arnold, E, and
Starkey, J R.  1998.  Blood from a stone??  Pp 101-104 In: Wolberg, D L,
Stump, E, and Rosenberg, G D (eds) Dinofest International (1996).

-Schweitzer, M H, Johnson, C, Zocco, T G, Horner, J H, and Starkey, J R.
1997.  Preservation of biomolecules in cancellous bone of Tyrannosaurus rex.
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 17(2):349-359.

Also, she announced last year, that she had issolated biomolecules in the
horny sheeth of the "killer-claw" of Rahonavis at SVP.  Additionally, she
showed SEMs of a feather like structure found in the neck region of Mononykus,
which compared quite well to the neck feathers of modern turkey vultures.

-Schweitzer, M H, Watt, J, Forster, C, Norrel, M, and Chiappe, L.  1997.
Keritinous structures preserved with two Late Cretaceous avian theropods from
Madagascar and Mongolia.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 17(suppliment to
number 3):74A.

Peter Buchholz