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Theropod jaw muscle attachments

hi, im a geology undergrad and very interested in paleontology, especially
dinosaur . I have a question thats been bugging me everytime i draw flesh
restorations of theropods:-

I've obsreved that illustrations made by paleontologists show muscles(at
least i think theyre muscles) attaching the lower jaws with the upper jaw
that make some kind of cheeklike covering . Ive always thought that this
consisted only of the external adductor muscle, but this would only cover
the parts just beneath the upper and lower temporal fenestra( i think), and
most illustrations i see show the muscles ending in front of the orbits,
below the antorbital fenestra . Can somebody tell me the names of the
muscles that make this covering and their points of attachments . Any help
would be much appreciated .
pardon me for my not so good english and my obvious ignorance :-)