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New refs #25

Well, we're starting up again. Please be patient as I go through the backlog.

This item was on sale in the exhibitors area. It was a might pricey but is a 
nice volume:

Ivakhnenko, M.F. et al. 1997. Permian and Triassic tetrapods
        of Eastern Europe. GEOS, Moscow. 216 p.
        ISBN 5-89118-029-4

Nice comprehensive work. No dinos but lots of neat beasties.

I'm sure these were discussed a bit but I never added them in as yet, Karen 
Chin up to her usual poop. Was great to see her at Snowbird, as usual.

Chin, K., T.T. Tokaryk, G.M. Erickson & L.C. Calk. 1998. A king-sized
        theropod coprolite. Nature, 393:680-682. 18JUNE.

Big with lots of bone. Suggests Trex. With comment -

Andrews, P. & Y. Fernandez-Jalvo. 1998. 101 uses for fossilized
        faeces. Nature, 393:629-630.

Now for those interested in the anatomy and basal relationships of avian 
dinosaurs we have the following:

Muller, W. & E. Weber. 1998. Re-discovery of a supposedly lost muscle
        in Palaeognathous birds and its phylogenetic implications.
        Mitt. Mus. Nat. kd. Zool. Reihe 74(1):11-18.

They found the long lost M. geniohyodeus in palaeognathous taxa. Turns out to 
be a plesiomorph for the group. Suggests closer look to see when it was really 
lost, or how often, in neognaths.

Now a paper on fish. Some of the best and most exciting work these days is 
being done on fish and lower tetrapods and I hope to see a few more people dive 
into these groups. I love dinos but there are great  things to be done on these 
groups. This is an elegant paper that tries some neat things to reconstruct the 
plate distribution. Possible apps to dinos.

Campbell, K.S.W. & R.E. Barwick. 1998. A new tooth-plated dipnoan from
        the Upper Devonian Gogo Formation and its relationships.  Memoirs
        of the Queensland Museum 42(2):403-437.

Now 2 from Cretaceous Research -

Radley, J.D., M.J. Barker & I.C. Harding. 1998. Palaeoenvironment and
       taphonomy of dinosaur tracks in the Vectis Formation (Lower
      Cretaceous) of the Wessex Sub-basin, southern England. Cret.
      Res. 19:471-487.

Bunch of Iguanodon tracks with a few other, less well-preserved tracks.

Sigogneau-Russell, D. & P. Ensom. 1998. Thereuodon (Theria, 
        Symmetrodonta) from the Lower Cretaceous of North Africa and
        Europe, and a brief review of the symmetrodonts. Cret. Res.

Typical Meso-mamm tooth-a-rama.

Now 3 from the Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias:

Barberena, M.C. & E.V. Dias. 1998. On the presence of a short-snouted
        Rhinesuchoid amphibian in the Rio do Rasto Formation (Late
        Permian of Parana basin, Brazil). AABC 70(3):465-468.

Bit of a snout.

Barberena, M.C., J.E.F. Dornelles. 1998. A new morphological
           configuration of the skull and lower jaw of Cerritosaurus
           binsfeldi Price, 1946 after  the elimination of distortions caused
           by taphonomic processes. AABC 70(3):469-476.

Nice paper on this proterochampsid archosaur. Always nice to know a few extra 
bits about these stem forms.

Kellner, A.W.A. 1998. Panorama e perspectiva do estudio de repteis
        fosseis no Brasil. AABC 70(3):648-676. [In Portugese]

Review paper on the fossil reptiles of Brazil. Very nice to have a summary on 
this important area, even though it suggests the record is poor (83 forms from 
Permian to Tertiary). Not surprisingly, the Santana is the most abundant 
producer with pterosaurs as the most represented group. Dinos are represented 
so far by only 3 theropod and 1 sauropod taxa. My intuition suggests this will 
be a growth industry soon. Nice paper to have available.

That's enough for now. Lots more in backlog. Please excuse typos, I hate my 
current keyboard which seems to hate to capitalize. TTFN

Ralph Chapman