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Hello, I'm a VERY VERY Dinosaur fun.
For the monophyly of the Saurischia I have used the following
- temporal musculature extending on to the frontal
- lateral overlap of the quadratojugal on to the caudal process of the jugal
- elongate caudal cervicals giving a relatively long neck
- axial postzygapophyses set lateral to the prezygapophyses
- presence of accessory intervertebral articulations in dorsal vertebrae
- manus more than 45% of the length of the humerus and radius together
- distinctly asymmetrical manus
- proximal ends of the metacarpals 4 and 5 lying on the palmar surfaces of
digits  3 and 4 in the hand

Does someone tell me if this is right and if there are other autapomorphies
for the monophyly of the Saurischia?

Thank you in advances and sorry for the English
Alessandro Marisa
Via A. Grandi n°18 ROVERETO (TN) ITALY
Tel: 039-0464-434658 Email: amaris@tin.it