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More about Zuniceratops (was Re: Early Ceratopian)

At 01:15 PM 10/15/98 EDT, Tom Lipka wrote:

>Ah but there IS evidence of what would appear to be the oldest ceratopsian in
>North America if not the world and this might be what he is asking about.

Actually, the press kept on calling it "the oldest horned dinosaur in the
world", which people on the net (not unreasonably) translated into "the
oldest ceratopsian in the world".  That it ain't, but it IS the oldest
horned ceratopsian known, and the (second) oldest in North America, as you
point out below:

>In the same volume see a paper by Chinnery, Lipka, Kirkland, Parrish and
>Brett-Surman whereby two teeth from the Aptian Arundel Clay (Early-Mid aptian)
>are described that posess peatures diagnosable to Neoceratopsia.

>Zuniceratops is likely the oldest named ceratopsian

In North America

>however but it and the
>material from the Wayan Fm described in Weishampel and Chinnery are still
>younger than our arundel critter.

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