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Re: New ref [about alleged mosasaur bites]

Ralph Chapman wrote (10/16/98; 10:40a):

>I just saw this reference and had to mention it on the list. It is:

 Kase, T., P.A. Johnson, A. Seilacher & J.B. Boyce. 1998. Alleged
        mosasaur bit marks on Late Cretaceous ammonites are limpet
       (patellogastropod) home scars. Geology 26(10):947-950.<

 My initial reaction was to be stunned considering the specimens and 
 pictures of specimens I've seen of Placenticeras (UK, Pierre Shale) 
 that had to have been chomped.


 Of course, a mosasaur tooth in shell would help immensely.<

I have also seen the aligned puncture marks in the form of mosasaur jaws. 
 Perhaps some, but not all, such features are limpet attachment scars.

Ammonite shell fragments in a mosasaur would also help resolve this.

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