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Re: [Re: New ref (Mosasaur bite marks)]

owner-dinosaur@usc.edu wrote:
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> << Actual tooth marks of Mosasaurs are actual punctures through the shell

>  itself. They occur in lines across both the body chamber and the

>  phragmacone. The margin of the puncture is crushed with radiating cracks

>  in the shell. Ones I have found are in agreement with those described by

>  Kauffman and Kesling (1960)in fitting the dentition of Clidastes very

>  well. >>


>   Correct me if I'm wrong, I do not have the Kauffman and Kesling paper

> but I recall them offering something like the blunt-headed Platecarpus

> brachycephalus or Prognathodon as the mosasaurian attacker. The ammonite in

> question comes from rather high in the Pierre Shale (Virgin Creek?),

> precluding, I think, Clidastes or Platecarpus. Plioplatecarpus maybe?  Dan

> Varner.


Could these bite marks have come from he mysterious _Globidens_(sp?) with it's
strange, clam and crustacean crushing teeth?

Archosaur J


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