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Re: Nomenclature- It is to laugh

In a message dated 10/17/98 3:01:02 PM EST, vonrex@gte.net writes:

<< Dinogeorge asks the burning question "why is it so difficult to get
 across?" and then proceeds with his reply.  To merely refer to his
 Ceratopia-Ceratopsia answer is to answer his first question.  Sorry, but
 "HUH?"  I guess I don't have the right kind of brain to absorb this stuff. 
 It seems like ridiculously complicated gibberish.  This is not to fault
 George or the Nomenclaturalists of the world at all.  But to some of us
 poor slobs, this stuff is like wading through a sea of bubble gum.  And I
 think THAT is why it's so hard to get it across.  I blame myself. >>

I guess when one has lived with this stuff for a few decades, it's just second
nature. But nomenclature is actually quite straightforward, even
>rational(!)<. The irrational and complicated parts come in when users don't
stick to the rules.