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Delgado Dino Calendar

Yes, Ricardo Delgado's Age of Reptiles 1999 Calendar is now available.  I
can't tell you what retail chains (if any) will carry it, but I can tell
you the following:

Price:   $11.99 US
           $ 15.99 Canada

ISBN 1-55811-582-x

Golden Turtle Press, Inc.
"For a catalog of calendars, call 1-800-932-0070"

Featured creatures:

January:     _Tylosaurus dyspelor_
February:    _Velociraptor mongoliensis_
March:        _Nanotyrannus lancensis_
April:           _Pteranodon ingens_
May:           _Utahraptor ostrommaysi_
June:           _Oviraptor philoceratops_
July:            _Inostrancevia alexandri_
August:        _Baryonyx walkeri_
September:   _Carnotaurus sastrei_
October:       _Tyrannosaurus rex_
November:    _Cryolophosaurus ellioti_
December:   _Dilophosaurus wetherilli_  

Eight of the above images come from Delgado's Age of Reptiles series of
lithographs; the remainder are published here for the first time.  His
images are rendered in a comic book technique of ink drawings with color. 
To preview some of Ricardo Delgado's Age of Reptiles lithograph art, you
can access the Dark Horse Comics web site at <www.dhorse.com/>, click on
"search", then type in "Ricardo Delgado" and click on "submit".

Presumably, you can either order the calendar directly from the 800 number
above, or order the Golden Turtle Press calendar catalog and then order the
calendar from the catalog.

Have a good year!

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com