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Re: Scipionyx crests

Jordan Mallon wrote:
Looking at the pictures of _Scipionyx samniticus_ in a number of
magazines, I noticed a dark bony "crest" atop it's head.  Is this a true
part of the dinosaur or was the skull just crushed that way?

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>From the photographs I have (showing also the stages of cleaning up the
fossil) I'd say the top of the skull was crushed in the way that it seems
like a sort of crest (not uncommon among dinosaurs). However, note that most
(all known?) dinosaur hatchling and juveniles have not yet developed
prominent crests, horns, and other ornamentation stuff - that usually serves
as a decoration for distinguishing among gender and also featuring different
age ( and in some cases - horns for fight). T
he restoration-sculpture by Fabio Fogliazza is also clearly shown without
any crest.

Berislav Krzic
Beri's Dinosaur World
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