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Delgado Dino Calendar

While Ricardo Delgado's artwork might seem appealing for its rather good layout, composition and comic strip technique (reminiscent to W. Stout's earlier works), it couldn't stand a more serious critic from any person who knows a bit more about dinosaurs, for it is full of wrong interpretations: mixing anatomy of various dinosaur species, putting muscles in unusual places and in unusual quantities, mixing species that didn't live at the same time and place, not to mention grass growing everywhere, and all those pupilless eyes - which should have given the beasts a mean look (?) but came up just blind-looking, etc. In one word - I wouldn't recommend it at all as a reliable source of information on life and appearance of dinosaurs.
Since Delgado has been professionally involved in paleoart (comic books) for some time (I think I first saw his work in 1993) one would have expected he had improved his knowledge on the subject and started following the recent scientific discoveries and data necessary for the job. Obviously, he hasn't.
On the other hand: "de gustibus non est disputandum". Comic book fans who enjoy just the nice drawings and don't care for scientific background will like his stuff.
Berislav Krzic
Beri's Dinosaur World