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Cosesaurus a glider?... swimmer?

I`ve been doing some preliminary browsing into what may have been a possible
pterosaur/bird precurser. At Dave Peter`s web site, I found an interesting
candidate in "Cosesaurus"...seems strikingly "avian" for a prolacertilian
(at first glance anyway). Searching further on the web, I found a reference
by Olshevsky right here in the Dinosaur Archives (YES! It is now up and
working!) George mentions:

 >Dinogeorge, Jan 10, 1996.....(snip) "...in the first printing of _Mesozoic
Meanderings_ #2, 1991. I called it a "tail-glider". _Cosesaurus aviceps_
might have been one." <

All well and good, but then I read in "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" pg 72 that
"...Cosesaurus and Megalancosaurus are aquatic prolacertiform
archosauromorphs..." So, who determined that??

I have references to look up on my next trip to the library, ie. Ellenberger
and Villalta (1974), Olsen (79) and Calzavara et al. (1980). Is this aquatic
determination a recent one? Anyone have a possible reference?? Thanks.