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Re: feathers as N2 excretors

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<<    As to your suggestion of pigeon/statue relationships being explained by
 "Scatopteryx (TM) theory" has one particular flaw - where are the statues?
 Are you suggesting that the larger dinosaurs were so slow moving that you
 might mistake them for statues???   :-)) >>

Of some relevance but doubtful significance is Mark Twain's description of the
Fennimore Cooper Indian (from Fennimore Cooper's Literary Offenses).
Traveling down a river is a barge/raft which, from internal evidence, Twain
has determined to be a Leviathan, filling the river from bank to bank.  Its
speed is at best 2 miles per hour.  An Indian, capable of stepping onto the
barge from shore, instead decides to climb into a tree and lurk as it goes by
below.  He intends to leap aboard at a suitable moment.  After exerting all
his forest skills for some time, he leaps...and misses, landing in the water.
A second Indian decides to redeem the failure of the first, climbs into the
very same tree, and leaps...into the water.  A third Indian (by now Twain is
casting furious aspersions on the intellectual prowess of Fennimore Cooper's
tribes of upstate New York) climbs the same tree and after applying all the
scientific principles of which a man up a tree is capable, leaps...and misses.

Your early birds may simply be the direct ancestors of the Fennimore Cooper