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Seeing as I have a huge backlog of interesting emails I intended to 
reply to, expect some fairly old subject areas to be commented upon.

On Paul Upchurch's recently published sauropod phylogeny, Tom Holtz 

> Nemegtosauridae is retained as the sister group to _Rebbachisaurus_ 
> + (Dicraeosauridae + Diplodocidae) within Diplodocoidea.

As an interesting aside, _Phuwiangosaurus_ was recently referred to 
as a nemegtosaurid by Eric Buffetaut and colleagues. I'm unsure why, 
and never got to ask. BTW, Borsuk-Bialynicka is resisting all of the 
recent placements of _Opisthocoelicaudia_ in Titanosauriformes (or 
Titanosauria, or Titanosauridae). I'm unsure if any publications on 
this issue are imminent.