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Re:Scatopteryx_ _ Theory

 Sunday, Oct. 18 1998...Tom Hopp has "speculated"....

> Regarding bird evolution, I have just had a major breakthrough >revelation
>while writing this note. Perhaps protobirds first climbed trees in order
>to go
>fffft -- and watch with mirth as secreted C, N, S, X, Y, and Z spattered
>their larger, earthbound cousins. Then, as ground-based dinos got >bigger
>bigger, and could no longer be dumped upon with impunity, the >protobirds
>realized that without feathers they were doomed, so they decided to >evolve
>these useful airfoils as a means to soar over and dive bomb their >enemies.
>    This new theory, which I shall call the scatopteryx theory, is
>parsimonious in that it provides an easy explanation of the origin of
>pigeon/statue relationships.
 >   Tom Hopp  -- Copyright 1998, all rights and royalties reserved

Before you copyright, Tom, I would make the title more descriptive,
...something like..."Scatopteryx Heaving Insults Theory". If it dosen`t make
you famous,at least the acronym will grab some attention! (and , if it`s any
consolation, you`ll always be "famous" in my book!).