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RE: death

---"Stewart, Dwight" <Dwight.Stewart@VLSI.com> wrote:
> This COULD be true.  The Chinese authorities ARE clamping down on the
> illegal export of other cultural treasures and are attempting to do
> something about the trade in endangered species.  There was a recent
> on CNN regarding a notorious smuggler who was recently sentenced to
> This WAS after numerous convictions, however.  But, does this mean
that a
> farmer who discovers a fossil & sells it in the local
> Market could be sentenced to death?  

Chinese "law enforcement" is draconian (pardon the expression) in the
extreme.  Thousands of people are executed in China every year by
firing squads, some for breaking new, and completely unpublicized,

This is so that the police can achieve a suitable yearly number of
executions.  Reminds one of a hellish version of traffic violation
quotas.  So if the person breaking the law is some confused, faceless
serf rather than a person with some influence, so much the better. 

Translation: I would not be at all surprised if a farmer selling
fossils in a local market were put up against the wall after finding
justice before a kangaroo court.  


"There are times when verbal ingenuity is not enough." 


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