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FW: death

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From:   Stewart, Dwight 
Sent:   Monday, October 19, 1998 5:21 PM
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Subject:        RE: death

This COULD be true.  The Chinese authorities ARE clamping down on the
illegal export of other cultural treasures and are attempting to do
something about the trade in endangered species.  There was a recent blurb
on CNN regarding a notorious smuggler who was recently sentenced to death.
This WAS after numerous convictions, however.  But, does this mean that a
farmer who discovers a fossil & sells it in the local
Market could be sentenced to death?  


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        From:   Mike Forster  <mailto:[SMTP:mike@palaeo.demon.co.uk]>
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        Subject:        death

        Hello all,
        Is anyone out there able to shed any light on a rumour I just heard
        the Chinese authorities recently put someone to death for offences
        connected with the illegal collection and/or export of fossil
        Mike Forster