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Re: FW: death

Jeff Hecht wrote:

> Dwight Stewart wrote:
> >
> >This COULD be true.  The Chinese authorities ARE clamping down on the
> >illegal export of other cultural treasures and are attempting to do
> >something about the trade in endangered species.
> I heard similar rumors two years ago while working on an article on fossil
> smuggling, and could never come any closer to the truth than rumors. It's
> very difficult to track things down firmly in China, and I would not deny
> that it's possible. However, it's not documented, and is the sort of tale
> that could become a perverse sort of 'urban myth' in the west.
> -- Jeff Hecht

  Sometimes the truth is more dreadful than the myths. I have friends who were
missionaries in China for a while, and the firsthand accounts of the total
control exercised by the communist government were frightening. I wouldn't be
surprised at all if the rumors of the execution(s) are only the tip of the
iceberg, as far as human rights violations and the seemingly arbitrary
executions go. I think a lot of us in the west tend to forget that China is
still communist, and in fact there has been a history of such brutal "justice"
in China. Sorry, I'm off the political soapbox now.
-Chris Srnka