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At 09:15 AM 10/20/98 -0400, Chad Smock wrote:
>I find this thread particularly interesting since I have been to China doing
>research, and had my site destroyed by locals looking for "Dragon Bones" for
>their black market medicines. The local authorities surveyed the site, and
>asked a lot of questions to people who were watching.  They found two young
>men who were supposedly responsible and took them away.  When I asked the
>interpreter what was going to happen to them, she said they wouldn't be
>coming back and that destruction of "National Treasures" was not tolerated.


Just to point out this situation as an object lesson to all sides of the
"sale of fossils" debate:
a) this goes to show the extremes some governments will go to in order to
protect their national and natural heritage;
b) for those who buy Chinese fossil specimens, remember that by
participating in the market for these items, you are encouraging behavior
which may be getting people killed.

Nothing like happy thoughts to start the day.

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