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Request: NO FEATHERED STEGO!! (was Request: Feathered Stego)

At 03:39 PM 10/20/98 -0400, Sherry Michael wrote:
>I'm sorry about this, but could someone either send me the past threads or
give me a summary of the "feathered" stegosaur. My email is flighty at best
so I only got a few of the treads, and it appears the archive crash munched
the messages for October.

And thus are rumors born...

There is NO "feathered" stegosaur.  The reference in the subject line was to
the impending (not yet formal) reservation that at least one non-avian
theropod line is known to have feathers.  (The specimen in question has not
been formally described, and we should NOT talk about it further until it
is, because the journal within which it will be described may pull the paper
from publication if it gets too much pre-pub press).

Some on the net jokingly said "what next, feathered stegosaurs?", and this
led to the subject line "DOWNY STEGOSAURS".

So, to end things now before certain papers get threatened, there is no
known feathered stegosaur.


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