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Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> And thus are rumors born...
> There is NO "feathered" stegosaur.  The reference in the subject line was to
> the impending (not yet formal) reservation that at least one non-avian
> theropod line is known to have feathers.  (The specimen in question has not
> been formally described, and we should NOT talk about it further until it
> is, because the journal within which it will be described may pull the paper
> from publication if it gets too much pre-pub press).
> Some on the net jokingly said "what next, feathered stegosaurs?", and this
> led to the subject line "DOWNY STEGOSAURS".
> So, to end things now before certain papers get threatened, there is no
> known feathered stegosaur.
        Jeeez, I make ONE comment.  Tom is correct.  It was during a 
discussion of our Liaoning feathered friends and how, after a little tiny 
peep about a feathered therizinosaur, everyone got all hot and bothered 
and started acting like they were going to put feathers on everything, 
because OF COURSE it is the most parsimonious course of action.  I 
made an off-handed comment that I was going to kick the first person who 
put feathers on a Triceratops.  This deteriorated quite quickly into talk 
about downy this and that, including, yes, a feathered stegasaurus.  None 
of it was serious.

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