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"Dragon Bones" was Re: death

To nip this thread in the bud, please refer back to a lengthy discussion of this
topic in the archives under origins of dragons.

Simply... the Chinese found dinosaur bones centuries ago, and having no modern
frame of reference dubbed them "leong" which means dragon.

Subsequently us enlightened modern folks have noticed that this big old bones
belonged to dinos.

Superstition dies hard.


"Stewart, Dwight" wrote:

> DRAGON BONES!!!???  Did they really mean dragon bones?  That's more bizarre
> than my Highland relatives (some of them anyway) being certain there is a
> "monster" in Loch Ness.
> Indeed, these 2 guys MAY have been given some strong medicine indeed.
> Dwight
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>         I find this thread particularly interesting since I have been to
> China doing
>         research, and had my site destroyed by locals looking for "Dragon
> Bones" for
>         their black market medicines. The local authorities surveyed the
> site, and
>         asked a lot of questions to people who were watching.  They found
> two young
>         men who were supposedly responsible and took them away.  When I
> asked the
>         interpreter what was going to happen to them, she said they wouldn't
> be
>         coming back and that destruction of "National Treasures" was not
> tolerated.
>         -Chad

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