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Re: Sinosauropteryx bones?

 Larry Febo <larryf@capital.net> writes:

> I`ve searched a few times on the web for a good picture (or drawing)
> of a Sinosauropteryx skeleton...and found nada. Has anyone drawn one as

For in-depth text, I second Holtz' advise that you get the _Nature_

If it is an image you want, you will be pleased to learn that list member
and paleolife artist Brian Franczak has produced an unpublished skeletal
reconstruction of this animal.  See it at
<www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Launchpad/2045/index.html> when you click
on "skeletal drawings."

List member Luis Rey features several color restorations at
<www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey/>.  Click on "The Gallery," then on
"Sinosauropteryx prima."
Yet another paleolife artist and list member, Berislav Krzic, features a
_Sinosauropteryx_ restoration at
<www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/1638/index.html>.  Click on the
_Stegosaurus_ image, then click on "Sinosauropteryx" in the table of

  There are also sites about with photos of the fossils and the story of
its discovery.  Search on "Sinosauropteryx" or "feathered dinosaur."  Also,
if your local library carries _National Geographic_ magazine, you can see
pictures of the fossils and restorations of what the living animal looked
like in the July 1998 issue.

_Audubon_ magazine also had some excellent photographs of some of the
fossils in one issue, including a big photo right on the front cover.

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com