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Re: believe !!....


dave Jones wrote:

You don't believe in dragons ?!....
or the Loch Ness creature ?! ....

'tis a sad state I'm afraid ....


 Of course I do, don't be ridiculous!!

Actually, without any trace of sarcasm, I do believe in these things.  However, this does not neccessarily mean that I believe Dragons once flew about, or that a plesiosaur is plying the murky depths of Loch Ness.  Rather, these creatures are legends that have been inspired by some form of real creature, or at the least, event.  Nessie has been sighted for at least a thousand years, for example, and so it is likely that some form of natural phenomena has been mistaken as a creature for at least that long.  Whether it is some form of sea mammal, or water turbulence created by the interaction of warm and cold water layers, who knows.

Also, and to keep this as close as possible to the subject of Dinosaurs (I'd rather not an argument about innapropriate use of this mailing list) I read recently that the legendary griffin creature may have been inspired by the ancient discovery of a very well preserved skeleton of Protoceratops.  If that is true, then it is remarkable to note that our cultures have been influenced by Dinosaurs  since long before they were ever recognized for the scientific reality that they are.


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