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Re: Back to dinosaur science, please

In message <199810202019.PAA06018@juliet.ucs.indiana.edu>, Mickey P.
Rowe <mrowe@indiana.edu> writes
>Just as a helpful reminder... this list exists to support discussions
>of scientific investigations about dinosaurs.  It is not about how bad
>communism is.  

As the guilty party (a PhD student) who originally posted a message
requesting information regarding legislative issues pertaining to
palaeontological collecting in China, I simply and perhaps naively
summised that such issues would also be of interest and relevance to the
list given that a great many scientifically important
dinosaur/vertebrate fossils continue to be discovered in, and exported
from, China (either legitimately or otherwise). If collecting activities
have the potentiality to result in the deaths of impoverished Chinese
farmers, then I would opine that those of us priveleged and fortunate
enough to be researching Chinese specimens here in the West have some
degree of moral responsibility and obligation to be both aware and
informed of such issues. 

>It is not about the dastardly things people can do with
>telephones (especially when the "warning" is a well-known hoax -- if
>you want details about that ask for them someplace else!)

Please excuse me - I'm just an Englishman (with little or no knowledge
of either the occurence or potential threat inherent in such hoaxing
activities) genuinely trying to be helpful.

>Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

Best wishes,

Mike Forster