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re: Sinosauropteryx bones

Much thanks to Ralph Miller III, and Dr. Holtz for their info on
Sinosauropteryx. That skeletal drawing by Brian Franczak was exactly what I
was looking for.

 Louis Rey`s drawings I was able to find on my own, and they`re quite
amazing. How do these guy`s see it so well in 3-D? Thanks also, Louis Rey,
Brian, Berislav and Jeff Poling (who had nice drawings but a hard to
decipher photo, even the tiff version).

>For in-depth text, I second Holtz' advise that you get the _Nature_

>If it is an image you want, you will be pleased to learn that list member
>and paleolife artist Brian Franczak has produced an unpublished >skeletal
>reconstruction of this animal.  See it at
><www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Launchpad/2045/index.html> >when you click
>on "skeletal drawings."