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Bolivian Dinotraks

We received this press release directly from Dr. Christian A. Meyer.
While I admit to being awake some days, it's not a guarantee, so if
someone else posted this, our apologies.
However, it's a followup to the CNN article, and fills in some rather
gaping gaps in their report.

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998 11:36:56 +0200 Christian Meyer

Press release Cal Orcko, Sucre, Depto. Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Members of the expedition

Chief : Dr. Christian Meyer, Assoc. Prof. Dep. of Paleontology, Earth
Sciences, University of Basel, Switzerland.
Prof. Martin Lockley, University of Ccolorado at Denver, USA
Dr. Giuseppe Leonardi, Pozzuoli, Italy
Dr. Lionel Cavin, Musée des Dinosaures, Esperaza, France
Dr. Kaspar Graf, Geotest, Bern, Switzerland
Joelle Salomon, Lausanne, Switzerland
Dorothee Hippler Dep. of Paleontology, Earth Sciences, University of
Antoinette Lüdin, Dep. of technical Geology, Earth Sciences University
of Basel
Stephan Bucher, Dep. of Geology, Earth Sciences, University of Basel,
Julia Meyer, Lund, Sweden
Roland Blaser, Swiss National TV, Zurich, Switzerland
Vicki Spencer, University of Colorado at Denver, USA
Anne Schulp, Museum of Natural History, Maastricht, Netherlands
Federico Anaya, Museum of Natural History, La Paz, Bolivia
David Keremba, Juan Carlos Daza, Gabriela Jerez, Enzo Ugarte, SOCIUPA,
Sucre, Bolivia
>Swiss National Science Foundation
>Mammut AG, Switzerland
>FANCESA, Sucre, Bolivia
>Leica, Switzerland
>Petzl, Switzerland
>Tramp Store, Switzerland
>Drawin, Munich, Germany
>The Cal Orcko dinosaur tracksite is situated 5 km west of Sucre. The
>trackbearing surface is in a active cement quarry of the Fabrica
>Nacional de Cementos (FANCESA). It consists of a limestone wall with a
>size of 25'000 square meters literally covered by dinosaur tracks. Up
to now
>it is the largest dinosaur tracksite known on the planet.
>A scientific team lead by Swiss paleontologist Christian Meyer from
>the Earth Science departement of the University of Basel has
>the site during july and august 1998.
>The limestone wall, where the dinosaur tracks have been observed is
>steeply inclined (70o) and could only be mapped with heavy climbing
>The tracklevel dates from the Late Cretaceous and forms part of the El
>Molino Formation, the estimated age is about 68 million years. More
than 250
>trackways have been registered. Six different types of dinosaurs have
>been present. The most spectacular trackways are those of quadrupedal
>titanosaurs, herbivore animals with a size between 15 and 25m.
>Footprints of bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs are very common. They were
made by
>animals of different size classes ranging from 1.2m up to 6m in height.
>of those trackways show that the animals were limping; others indicate
>speed of more than 30 km per hour. One trackway of a theropod dinosaur
>be followed for more than 350 m and presents the longest ever recorded
>the world.Trackways of ornithopod dinosaurs are less common but
>nevertheless demonstrate the presence of small to intermediate size
animals that
>reached a height of about 4m. The scientifically most important tracks
>those of ankylosaurs; four-legged animals with a heavy dermal armour.
>indicate a regular walking gait, others show that the animals were
running with
>a speed of more than 11 km/h. This is the first record of those animals

>on the Southamerican continent and the most important record worldwide.

>The quarry shows seven different levels with tracks. The main level is
>a siliceous limestone that has been deposited in a freshwater lake;
>is also demonstrated by remains of fossil catfish, turtles, crocodiles
>and freshwater snails. The dinosaurs were most likely visiting the
>lakeshore for water and food, such as algae or fish.
>copyright Ch.Meyer, Sucre august 1998
>PD Dr. Christian A. Meyer
>Geologisch-Palaeontologisches Institut Basel

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