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Re: Silurian Bird (joke? please?)

At 9:26 -0400 22/10/98, Jerry D. Harris wrote:

>        One of our museum's volunteers had a copy of this paper, and it was
>so completely absurd that I thought the list would love to hear about it!
>I can't give a proper citation, as there's little information on the first
>page.  It was published c. 1977 in the _Original Report of the Okamura
>Fossil Laboratory_ #13 -- no author, title, etc. are given, but it does say
>"This paper was reported at the 119th regular meeting of the Japanese
>Paleontological Society on June 18, 1977 at the Shizuoka University,
>Shizuoka Prefecture."  (If anyone's got a full citation, I'd greatly
>appreciate getting it!)

This is what I have.  Okamura won an Ig Nobel Prize in 1996 for his
pioneering work.  While not an exact citation, it may help you understand
why you might not require it.

1996 Ig Nobel for Biodiversity

Chonosuke Okamura of the Okamura Fossil Laboratory in Nagoya, Japan, for
discovering the fossils of dinosaurs, horses, dragons, princesses, and more
than 1000 other extinct "mini-species," each of which is less than 1/100 of
an inch in length. [For details see the series "Reports of the Okamura
Fossil Laboratory," published by the Okamura Fossil Laboratory in Nagoya,
Japan during the 1970's and 1980's.]

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